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Management 3.0 Practices Finder

Management 3.0 moves beyond theory by providing an actionable set of tools and practices that grow leadership skills, encourage innovation, and increase happiness, to name just a few of the potential benefits.

This Management 3.0 Practices Finder (M30 Finder) enables rapid exploration of Management 3.0 practices to help leaders and facilitators choose one or more techniques that they can run as an experiment, in a spirit of continuous improvement.

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Tools for Engagement

12 Steps to Happiness

Find joy in life and at work

Poster download

Celebration Grids

Celebrate successes and failures visually

Blank Grid download

Corporate Huddles

Have effective all-hands or other group meetings

Zoo Time! blog post

Kudo Cards

Express appreciation to colleagues

Kudo Card deck purchase/download

Moving Motivators

Express what matters most to us

Moving Motivators card deck purchase/download

Tools for Effective Feedback

360 Degree Dinner

Have a meal together (either virtually or in person) to build empathy and understanding

Improvement Dialogues

Leverage proven techniques to have constructive converesations about areas of potential improvement

Feedback Wrap

Try proven techniques for giving and receiving feedback

Feedback Wrap video

Happiness Door

Create a channel for people to provide anonymous feedback

Happiness Door video

Tools for Managing the System

Delegation Poker

Understand that delegation has many forms & think about what style you might choose for a particular situation

Delegation Poker purchase/download

Merit Money

Explore less conventional ways to recognize people and share in success

Bonus Money & Peer-to-Peer Recognition blog post

STAR Behavioral Interview Questions

Frame interviews based on Situations, Tasks, Actions, & Results (STAR)

STAR Interview Questions download

Salary Formula

Delve into current and possible future compensation models in a spirit of transparency

Make Salary Comparison Easy by Being Transparent blog post

Work Profiles

Take a broad perspective on what work needs to be done and what to call that work

How We Created Informal Job Titles blog post

Tools to Support Innovation & Change

Business Guilds & Communities of Practice

Give people with shared skills and interests an opportunity to learn from each other and improve their craft

Guilds, innovating together blog post

Change Management Game

Explore ideas by asking questions associated with one or more change models/

Change Management Game purchase/download

Exploration Days

Set aside time for new ideas to emerge that potentially improve existing products or explore new markets

Exploration Days video

Internal Crowdfunding

Enable the best ideas to emerge by tapping into the wisdom of the crowd

Try Internal Crowdfunding blog post

Meddlers Game

Experiment with ways of reimagining team composition and/or organizational structure

Meddlers Game purchase/download

Tools for Exploring Organizational Culture

Culture Books

Identify & capture the values that constitute the organization's reason for being

Big Values List download

Identity Symbols

Choose one or more symbols to solidify a sense of belonging

Personal Maps

Create a visual that portrays who we are

Personal Maps Video

Value Stories

Surface narratives & themes that create a sense of purpose

Value Exercises to Build Vision in Your Company blog post

Work Expo

Use any form of physical or virtual artifacts to show the work you do

Work Expo video

Tools for Team Exploration

Diversity Index

Surface opportunities to learn from each other by identifying similarities and differences

Blank Diversity Index download

Improv Cards & Story Telling

Discover more about ourselves and each other by telling stories based on a single image/

Improv Card deck purchase

Niko Niko Calendar

Give team members a daily opportunity to indicate how they're doing

Blank Niko Niko Calendar download

Team Competency Matrix

Surface mentoring and learning opportunities in a team context

Blank Team Competency Matrix download

Yay! Questions

Check in on the progress of experiments, what's going well, and what isn't

Developing a Learning Mindset with Yay! Questions blog post

Tools for Measurement


Learn to frame organizational Objectives and Key Results effectively

Experimenting with OKRs blog post

Problem Time

Capture data that provides visibiity into pain points and potential improvements that can make the biggest difference/

Scoreboard Index

See how we're doing at any level of the organization

How to Measure Your Team's Performance blog post